Hook up two hot water heaters

The energy loss from heating up water on a parallel system that isn't immediately used doesn't disappear. It is lost to the air eventually, which someone is paying to heat anyway Turn off your water heater, go on vacation, come home and feel the water Most of the heat loss is suffered in the piping to the fixtures. Originally Posted by dandersen I guess it would all depend if they service two separate circuits or one. In some areas where they have ultra lower electric charges in the night use a timer for the middle on the Night.

This could be a great idea it the electric heater was the upstream and gas down stream.

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Nick is correct heat is not lost from water heater for about 8 months when we heat our homes. Roy Roy Cooke Roycooke sympatico.

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Cooke, Sr Visit Roy D. Dual Water Heaters - parallel or series If I installed two 50 gallon tanks in parallel, during times of low usage could I not turn off the water to one and just let the pilot burn or turn off the gas as well. Oh, also turn off the hot water outlet. Then, when I've a houseful of people using three showers I could just reconnect and fire up the second of the heaters. Any problems with this plan? All thoughts are appreciated. It depends upon the design intention.

Two Water Heaters in Series | Harrison REMC

Obeserve and note accordingly. Joe Hagarty mrdryervent gmail. Dual Water Heaters - parallel or series You must keep the main water at F if not you will have a chance of building bacteria in the tank. If you plan to use a tank in series this is OK but not parallel. Originally Posted by kwood You must keep the main water at F if not you will have a chance of building bacteria in the tank.

Dual Water Heaters - parallel or series Here is temperature info about the survival of the legionella baterium, which can cause the legion or pontiac fever: They can survive but are dormant You'll find pretty much the same info as what Roy posted if you go to this: Misegades Visit William T. Misegades's Web site Find all posts by William T.

Dual Water Heaters - parallel or series Thank you for your comments. I hadn't thought of bacteria. What if the "off" tank were drained during periods of non-use?

What problems would you anticipate there? Or, find a home inspector anywhere in the world with our inspection search engine. Originally Posted by John Caraway Thank you for your comments. Growth range If I was going to leave water in the tank then I would add about a pint of Chlorine Use expansion tank if line has check valve or pressure reducing valve. Expansion tank is installed on cold water line. Identify and repair water heater valves Effect of water softener on water heaters in general -Softener can cause odor problems on rural water well.

Turn down the softening, or remove softener, or replace anode rod frequently, or install power anode rod, or add hydrogen peroxide frequently. How to replace anode rod Expansion tank and two or more heaters: A single expansion tank will work, depending on valves and other plumbing factors such as check valves. Purpose of expansion tank is to prevent problems created when pressure from heated water inside tank is confined and not allowed to expand due to installation of valves and check valves installed on the hot water line.

FIRST PROBLEM: Turning off a hot water heater.

Too much pressure can damage tank, cause pipes to burst, cause TP valve to drizzle or weep hot water. Put a pressure gauge on the water heater drain valve to determine pressure Anything over 80psi should have expansion tank. Some local codes require pressure tank on all installations. Match expansion tank size, to your water heating system. Expansion tanks Water pressure gauges Temperature pressure gauge Resources: TP valve leak troubleshoot Troubleshoot water heater valves Pressure reducing valve and two or more heaters: A pressure reducing valve is used when incoming water pressure exceeds 80psi.

Too much pressure can shorten life of plumbing fixtures, cause leaks, rupture pipes, and damage heater. A pressure reducing valve can create a closed system that results in water heater causing too much pressure on the hot water line, thus requiring need for expansion tank with every pressure reducing valve installation. Pressure reducing valves Pressure regulating valves at Amazon Resource: Element voltage and wattage shows on end of each element.

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Figure volts amps watts for water heater How to install point of use water heater How to install electric water heater. Gas supply and two water heaters: When adding second gas water heater, total BTU of both heaters must be calculated.

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Call local gas company. Read label on side of each tank for BTU rating. Gas pipe chart How to install gas water heater. Ideal home construction clusters usage points near water heater to increase efficiency and reduce costs, but many oversized homes and multi-dwellings are not able to meet that level of efficiency and a recirculating pump is chosen for convenience. Recirculating pumps have different installations, and piping configurations. Some pumps must be installed on vertical section of pipe, and some systems have a direct return line entering the drain valve port.

How to install under counter heater Easiest choice for recirculating system is to have Parallel heaters as illustrated on left. Recirculating system can also be used with Series heaters. However, in a series system, if Timer is used on heater 1, or heater 1 is turned off except when demand requires more hot water, then best recirculating plan is direct return line that goes into drain valve port on heater 2 and does not enter both water heaters on the common cold water line. Resources How to install gas water heater How to install electric water heater Recirculating systems.

Note about installing 2 gas water heaters. If current installation has 1 gas water heater, then venting and air requirements for 2 heaters is different. Illustration shows basic connection for water heaters on same vent. Both heaters can be connected to 1 vent, but the vent must meet specifications to meet BTU per hour operation, number of elbows, horizontal distances, vertical distances.

New heaters cannot be installed in a dusty, dirty environment or the air intake screen can get clogged and cause FV failure. Two water heaters mean more air intake into house. The mechanical space might need a pass-thru vent fan to draw air from another part of house.

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The gas meter is rated for certain level of BTU consumption. Gas supply line that is designed for 1 heater will not supply enough gas for a second heater without running larger gas line.. Too much BTU draw by one heater or two heaters can starve other appliances. Call gas company for specifications, or refer to gas chart pdf. Low gas pressure can be tested using manometer, or more easily, observe other appliances. Some folks imagine that tankless with solve all issues of hot water.

Two Water Heaters in Series

And there are applications where tankless is suitable substitute. But the same problems of vent, air supply, and gas supply also apply to installing tankless to replace tank-type heater. The tankless must quickly heat water as is passes in a pipe, consuming more fuel per gallon of heated water than tank-type heaters.

The tankless will fail to turn on if incoming cold water exceeds demand. This is especially true in winter. A floor drain is needed for acidic condensation that drips down from the vent line. Unlike tank-type heaters, the tankless cannot be repaired DIY, and local technician might not be qualified to repair your model. I do not recommend tankless. Full image High volume system. Two water heaters and circulating system Shows return line installation, aquastat thermostat on hot water line, and gallon heat pumps. This illustration shows the drain vale used as entry point for both cold water and recirculated water.

The advantage might be using the open cold water port to add second anode rod and extend life of tank, or at least extend the length of time between anode rod inspections. Grundfos circulating pumps Grundfos clip-on aquastats Resource: Larger image Super high volume system Storage tank and heat pump Purpose to increase storage capacity to meet high volume demand.